Episode 50: They Drove Us to Drink!

Wel . . . wel . . . welcome to fiftieth *hic* amplitude, no, wait, epishode, episode of Mix, Mork; Moogies.  No, no, wait, I got this: the fiftieth thingy of Maalox, Meringue; Smoothies. *hic*, shorry, shorry, hang on . . . Sheriously, I mean, seriously, this is our fiftieth episode! The big five-oh! And we’ve decided to do something special for all you loyal, sober listeners: we’re just taking this episode to talk about the worst movies we can remember seeing.  I mean the real stinkers, the ones that made us, or almost made us, walk out of the theater (remember theaters? People used to see movies in them, back in the Long Ago).  But of course there’s no way we could talk about these cinematic crapburgers in a rational state of mind, so Mike and I took the opportunity, as we were both in the same geographical location, to . . . um . . . fortify ourselves with a few small libations of . . . . ok, we got drunk, ok? We knocked back a few, I got more pompous, Mike somehow got stuck in an English accent.  Yes, these are movies that quite literally drove us to seek solace in sweet, sweet booze.  Pour one out for the fallen films and join us in our drunken ravings!

3 thoughts on “Episode 50: They Drove Us to Drink!”

  1. Love your show!
    I have suggestions for two more series you should do:

    1)Please do a series on movies that pass the Bechdel Test.
    2)Please do a series on movies with good fart jokes.

    Thank you.

    Carlotta Rothschild

    1. Why thank you, Ms Rothschild! We very much appreciate your comments. As to the suggestions, we shall certainly take them under consideration. The Bechdel Test has been coming up more and more. It’s a pity it still has to be a thing. As to fart jokes, well, there is simply NO way we could limit this to eight movies as the fart joke is the epitome of intellectual humor, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Max thinks so, too. He’s just too shy to say so. :”D

      1. Clearly the real challenge would be a series combining the two: movies that pass the Bechdel Test AND have good fart jokes. Hmmm… intriguing.

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