Episode 49: The Mummy (1932, 1999)

Ok, look, I swear we didn’t do this on purpose.  We wanted to do a series where we compare classic films and their remakes in this “Then and Now” or “What, This Again?” series.  We did NOT intentionally set out to make the last three episodes in the series, and thus almost half the series, about famous movie monsters.  Seriously! That’s a series unto itself! It just worked out that way! It ain’t our fault! We was framed! We fell in with the wrong crowd, see? We didn’t mean nothin’ by it, honest!
So, yes, we close out “Then and Now” with another of the Universal monsters, The Mummy.  Hey, at least we didn’t include the Wolfman.  Yet.  So here we deal with the King of Wrap, the Bandaged Bandit, the Crypt-in Egyptian . . . the Mummy (or Imhotep, if you’re a stickler for detail).  We start off with the original 1932 version with Boris “Lugosi’s Bane” Karloff and end with the version with Brendan Fraser.  Sure, why not? Hey, be grateful we didn’t subject you to the *shudder* Tom Cruise version.  Grab your scarab beetle repellent and give a listen!

2 thoughts on “Episode 49: The Mummy (1932, 1999)”

  1. Conan Doyle lost his son in the war and like 1000s of people turned to spiritualism to try and handle so much loss. He also thought those girls who cut out drawings of fairies, posed with them and somehow convince Doyle and others they were real. A pet peeve of mine was the whole the Hebrews were Egyptian slaves thing… there is no evidence of that. I don’t think the Fraser version of the Mummy was the best place to be historically accurate so it is was easy to ignore with all the fun stuff that movie offered up.

    1. I thought it was a daughter, so I was close. And I remember those fairy photos! It was SO fake! Just cut outs with toothpicks but they had people fooled for decades. Doyle was sadly a victim as so many were and was desperate to reconnect with a child. I wish it was harder for people to be so taken in today, but it really isn’t. Psychic surgery is something that still ropes people in… Thanks, Vince!

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