Episode 48: Dracula (1931, 1979, 1992)

Good eeeevening, children of the night! What sweet music you make! Seriously, you over there on the accordion? First rate stuff! This week on “Then and Now,” we bring you a special treat: a three-fur! Yes, we’re dealing with a cinematic character who can’t be contained to a mere two movies: Count Vlad Irving Dracula! (not many people know about his middle name).  Yes, he needs one! Two! Three! Three movies! Ah ah ah! {insert thunderclap sound effect} We’ve got Bela Lugosi (spooky Dracula), Frank Langella (sexy Dracula) and Gary Oldman (what-the-flippin’-heck-is-this-crap Dracula).  Give a little listen and see how we rate and rank these three interpretations of the classic character . . . if you dare! Oooo! Very scary!

5 thoughts on “Episode 48: Dracula (1931, 1979, 1992)”

  1. I saw the same version of the play Dracula as Max! I went backstage after the show and got a tour about how the sets and effects were done. The most close to the book version of Dracula is the BBC tv version with Louis Jordan in the title role – minus the weird solar filter effects they through in for no reason here and there. I am sort of a vampire expert….which is problaby not a surprise.

    1. I am not at all surprised that you’re a Dracula expert. There are SO many versions of Dracula that it’s easy to miss nearly any of them. But… Louis Jordan? Octopussy’s Louis Jordan? Really? I find that hard to believe….

  2. I’ll admit that I’ve yet to listen to this episode–oops–but I had a couple ideas for upcoming series, and as this is the most recent episode, I thought I’d write here. You two have a great range of movie experiences, but I’d love to hear about something outside the realm of sci-fi/fantasy/comedy, in part because that’s also my wheelhouse (albeit smaller. Much smaller. Think HotWheels-sized wheelhouse.). Would it be possible to do a series that focuses on smaller genres? I dunno, Hidden Gems: Period Drama Edition or something. Also, I’d love to hear about movies you thought you were going to hate but wound up loving, or conversely movies that you loved on the first go but then hated when you watched them again.

    1. Some very interesting observations and suggestions, O Cheese Fellow! We do indeed tend to watch fantasy/s-f /comedy quite a bit, so they do lend themselves as podcast fodder. Our next series actually deals with each of us choosing a movie we’ve never seen but always meant to see …. and then we see and discuss said movie. This has moved us a bit outside our standard zone, but I think it’s interesting. I agree that it would be more challenging to do more of this. Period Dramas could be cool; I really like the “movie made me react the opposite way I expected.” Harder to put together, but could be really interesting! Thanks for the cool suggestions and, as always, thanks for listening!

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