Episode 51: Key Largo (1948)

Hail and well met, friends and fanciers! This week on Max, Mike; Movies we’re starting a branding spanking (a spanking! A spanking!) new series (awwww!): “I Keep Meaning to Watch That.” In it, Mike and I take turns choosing a classic, famous, or infamous movie that we’ve always meant to watch but have never gotten around to actually . . . you know, watching.  This week is my choice: the 1948 Bogey-and-Bacall classic “Key Largo”.  What’s that? Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall aren’t enough for you? Geez, what is your deal? No seriously, how about we throw Edward G. Robinson and Lionel Barrymore into the mix? Yes, the mix gets a bit lumpy but it’s totally worth it.  Lend us an ear (we’ll give it back, we promise)!

2 thoughts on “Episode 51: Key Largo (1948)”

  1. Delightful eposide! One of my favorite films, and for all of the reasons you mentioned.

    FYI – Bogie was in 18 movies after this. Bacall was in about a dozen. And they had a radio show they did together, Dark Passage. I don’t think they had time to do a fifth film.

    1. Wow, I had no idea he did that many more movies, and very much no idea either of them did a radio show. I’m guessing you’ve heard them all! Thanks for listening and writing in. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement soon!

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