Episode 28: Wizards

Journey with us once more, brave adventurers, as we continue “In Search of Dungeons and Dragons.” This week, we travel back to 1977 to discuss a classic fantasy/science fiction movie about an intrepid group who try to stop a terrible dark lord from destroying a world with his new ultimate weapon.  You remember that 1977 classic, with Mark Hamill, right? That’s right, Ralph Bakshi’s animated film “Wizards”! What, was Mark Hamill in some other movie in 1977? Huh.  Can’t have been that successful . . . Ok, Mark Hamill is only in one scene and it’s just his voice, but still!
Come with us, and avenge the death of Fritz!

2 thoughts on “Episode 28: Wizards”

  1. You probably know this, but just in case – the scene in Raider of the Lost Ark where Indy shoots the sword guy was basically improvised. Harrison Ford had dysentery and couldn’t deal with the idea of a day of shooting a fight scene, so he offered this alternative. They went with it. Improv rules!

    1. Oh yes, this is a famous piece of “Raiders” lore, but thanks for providing it for our readers/listeners who might not have encountered this story. And, as always, thanks for listening!

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