Episode 29: Dungeons and Dragons

Once again, bold travelers, you join us on our quest “In Search of Dungeons and Dragons.”  This week, it should be pretty easy.  I mean, we’re talking about the 2000 film NAMED AFTER THE GAME! It’s got elves! Wizards! Beholders! Some guys who are probably supposed to be Orcs! And it’s got Jeremy Irons, so you know it’s going to be good; just look at his work in . . . Eragon.  Oh dear.  Oh, this is going to hurt, isn’t it? Give a listen and find out.  I mean, this should be a sure thing, right? It’s a movie that claims to be based on the game! It’s got to work.  Right? . . . . . right?

4 thoughts on “Episode 29: Dungeons and Dragons”

  1. Mike, I SO love that you quoted the Muppets’ “The Frog Prince!” If I didn’t know you are my brother before I know for sure now (spoiler – I did already know you’re my brother, who else would I talk into covering their room in garlic powder?)!

    1. “The Frog Prince” is very dear to my heart. Max and I both quote it often. I’m kind of surprised that Henson has let it pass into history. While flawed, it’s charming, has great songs and was the first of its kind. As for garlic powder, that was TOTALLY your fault. :”D

  2. When you do wind up hosting a group riff, be sure to let us know! And thanks for forcing me to look up an actual plot synopsis of this movie, it sounds miserable. (Also, Wikipedia cites a third film released direct to DVD in 2012–UK only, though. Whew!)

    1. Eeesh, there was a third? I tried watching the second on tv but my optical and auditory cortexes shut themselves down to protect the rest of my brain, so I have no real memory of it.

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