Episode 232 – Moonfall (2022)

Ahem. Hello. Thank you. The Moon. What is it? Merriam-Webster’s dictionary describes the Moon as “the earth’s natural satellite that shines with the sun’s reflected light.” There are many interesting things about the moon. It is 238,000 miles from the earth. Its mass is approximately 7.34 x 1022 kilograms. And, as you all know, it is not a naturally occurring celestial body but rather an artificial megastructure created by aliens. Oh, and it is also hollow and full of extra-testicle, I mean, extra-terrestrial technology, hey, quit laughing, Billy, you know what I meant, shut up! Oh man, my report is ruined and I didn’t even get to the clips from the brilliant Rolland Emmerich documentary “Moonfall” which closes out the “Disaster Porn” series! This isn’t funny, you guys, quit it! This is super important! The aliens might decide to use the moon itself to destroy us! It’s true! My uncle showed me this website, right? Why can’t you . . . what, ma’am? The principal’s office? Right now? Aw, geez . . . .

Poll question: what is your favorite cult movie?

3 thoughts on “Episode 232 – Moonfall (2022)”

  1. Some people, maybe Mike , might think all the movies I watch are cult movies! I do have a taste for was Danny Peary called the classics, the sleepers the weird and the wonderful in three book cult movie series of books. One film that I just never get tired of is “faster pussycat, kill!kill!”. It’s one of the few Russ Mayer film I think is worth multiple viewings. Big sexual killer go go girls who dance at the drop of the hat and talk only in double entendres is one of his only films without any real nudity and the lead villain, Varla is one for the ages. What’s the point? The point is of no return and you’ve reached it!

    1. I remember seeing “Faster” at your place one of the few times I went. I don’t remember it well, but I do remember that the monster made me “feel funny.” 😀 Thanks, Vince! Much appreciated!

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