Episode 231 – The Towering Inferno (1974)

In this, our penultimate “Disaster Porn” episode, we climb the very heights of the skyscraper that is Irwin Allen’s work. Yes, we work our way up the cinematographic staircases of this film, gliding up in the scenic elevators of plot, through the hideously decorated offices of cinematic wonder into the narrative sprinkler system of this work, one of the most successful films of 1974, a film that earned a veritable tower of money before all the money . . . burst into . . . an inferno . . . of profits? Sorry, the metaphor kind of got away from me a bit. This is quite the towering film (in that it is almost three hours long) and a real inferno of talent (in that you can see a number of classic Hollywood legends like Fred Astaire, William Holden, and Jennifer Jones, and watch their careers shrivel and blacken into ash in this movie). We also get to see Paul Newman and Steve McQueen battle to the death over whose eyes are bluer! Also, we can guarantee that this movie is 98% murderer-free! Yes, only one actual murderer we know of is in this movie! Give a listen to find out who, and enjoy the other, non-murdering performers.

Poll question: who was your favorite Hollywood comeback actor? Who do you really like who faded out then reappeared successfully?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 231 – The Towering Inferno (1974)”

  1. I have a soft spot for Robert Downey Junior whose career was all but dead after his drug problems but Ironman put all that behind him. Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t doing much after his TV show ended but has become sort of a suer cute swiss army knife of a performer being able to sing, dance, act and talk telepathically to giant alien bugs.

    1. RDJ and NPH have both ‘come back’ from stuff and shown since then. I totally agree. Thanks as always, Snowy-Vince!

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