Episode 230 – The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

 . . . and that was “Pony Love” by Bumpy and the Bumptones here on WMMM radio! Now over to Meteorological Max for the weather!

Thanks, Mike, I’m here in Ol’ Choppy, the WMMM weather-eye copter and I gotta tell you folks down on the ground, you are in for one funky commute! What with the desalinization of the North Atlantic Current, we are seeing all kinds of kooky, zany superstorms today. Tornadoes are touching down in midtown, so maybe a good time to bring in those window box plants. Big ‘ol hailstones are falling and concussing random Japanese businessmen on the street! Whoops, fellas, maybe should have stayed a bit later at the office, huh? And, wow, through some sort of scientifically inexplicable reason, super cold air is being drawn down through a big ring of Spielberg Clouds and causing people, buildings, and flags to instantly flash-freeze, so if you’re still getting ready to leave the house, better snag that extra scarf! I’m look down over the New York Public Library and . . . is that . . . yes, it is! There’s Hollywood heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal trying to outrun the . . . cold, I guess, along with two never-to-be-heard-from-again friends! Good luck, Jake; hope you’ve been keeping up with that cardio! This afternoon’s forecast shows catastrophic flooding and scattered wolves, so leave a little extra time for your drive home, huh? Darn it, it looks like the super-cooled air is freezing the fuel lines of Ol’ Choppy here so we’ll be spiraling in for a crash landing. Mike, be sure to tell the folks how they enter to win a WMMM “I ♥ Ol’ Choppy” t-shirt before we go to [static]

If you’re done listening to WMMM’s wacky morning DJs, give a listen to this latest Roland Emmerich-a-licious entry in our “Disaster Porn” series. Pour one out for Ol’ Choppy, won’t you?

Poll question: What is your favorite documentary?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 230 – The Day After Tomorrow (2004)”

  1. This was on TV this past week and I absolutely avoided it! Does “When Worlds Collide” count as disaster porn?

    I love documentaries and have made a few, one with Mike! Werner Herzog’s “Into the Abyss” about a young guy on death row in Texas really stuck with me years after seeing it. The guy 100% murdered some kids for a car he wanted to steal but instead of telling his story directly, Herzog interviewed his family and everyone around him and you are sort of left with the feeling this guy had no idea what he did was wrong because no one around him his entire life seemed to know the difference between right and wrong either. He is executed and Herzog who is against the death penalty can not say the guy deserved better.

    1. “When Worlds Collide” TOTALLY counts! They destroy the entire planet and everyone on it! Well, except that rocket full of lucky white people. And yes, I was in one of your documentaries! But we can’t include that one, can we? 😀 Thanks, Vince! We always appreciate your listening and commenting. Have a TON of BumpyBux!

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