Episode 233 – Mean Girls (2004)

“To be or not to be . . .”

“Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven!”

“Help! That dingo’s got my baby!”

Ah, classic quotes! We do love them, don’t we? That’s why we here at Max, Mike; Movies have started a brand-new series entitled “Quotes, Unquotes, and Quotes” dedicated to the most quotable movies that we happen to think of at the time. You know, those movies that give us memorable lines that even people who’ve never seen the movie toss around. And we’re starting off with a movie that neither Max nor Mike has ever seen before, Tina Fey’s “Mean Girls” (the movie, not the Broadway show. We haven’t seen either). Join us as we travel back to a time when high school girls could be just awful to each other without the added tools of social media and the internet. Give a listen, see what quotes we scrounged from this, and find out if it is indeed possible to “make ‘fetch’ happen.” P.S. Extra Bumpybux if anyone can identify the origin of the series title!

Poll question: what is your favorite “high school” movie?

4 thoughts on “Episode 233 – Mean Girls (2004)”

  1. Look, I grew up with Mean Girls, so asking me about my favorite high school movie on this episode really isn’t a fair question. That said, all of John Hughes’s highschool and highschool-adjacent movies (looking at you, Grosse Pointe Blankey) are a treat.

    1. Of course it’s fair, Ned! If we just happened to pick your favorite, well, three cheers and a tiger for us! John Hughes seemed to really corner the market for the 80s, though, didn’t he? Thanks for commenting and listening, Ned!

  2. I can’t say I have any favourite hight school movies… maybe Carrie counts? I didn’t even go the last two years as I was asked to stay away fly the teachers, students and their parents. Carrie certainly seemed like a good response to high school to me!

    1. A very famous film I’ve never seen. I can totally see why you might dislike high school more than most. Thanks for the great comment, Vince!

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