Episode 228 – The Core (2003)

It’s a rare occurrence where an event occurs that a piece of “Disaster Porn” predicted and described but just within the past week, scientists as the University of Peking released findings saying that the core of the planet Earth (you know the one) was slowing down and could possibly reverse direction. Well, here at Max, Mike; Movies, we are nothing if not relevant so we are discussing the eerily prescient 2003 cinematic prognostication “The Core,” director, nay, prophet Jon Amiel’s almost Nostradamus-like speculation on what would happen if such a thing actually happened. And now just look at us: surely,  famous landmarks are bursting into lighting-explosions, common urban birds have developed the super-avian strength needed to crash through safety glass, and Stanley Tucci is wearing a wild hairpiece . . . huh . . . uh, maybe “Nostradamus-like” is a little bit . . . much. Give a listen and see how much (if anything) this movie got right (spoiler alert: however much you think it got right? It’s less than that).

Think I’m kidding about the event actually happening? Check this out:

Poll question: who’s your favorite cinematic giant monster? Godzilla? King Kong? The Host?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 228 – The Core (2003)”

  1. This is a hard one for me. My mom loved Gamera, the friend of the children but I have huge Godzilla shaped space in my heart. I am not sure if it’s because it fit my my fascination with dinosaurs as a kid or that Godzilla movies played every weekend at the local movie house costing 50 cents for a double feature. I pretty much love most of them and because just the premise of having a giant monster is pretty ridiculous so I don’t question the films and just enjoy them. Seeing them represented in big budget effects laden movies these days melts my cold snow covered Canadian heart.

    1. They do tickle a kind of child-like itch, don’t they? Thanks for the comment, listening and sharing that bit about your mom. You’re one in a million, Vince!

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