Episode 227 – Independence Day (1996)

Look at these foolish humans, K’lxfthmrq’zzz’tingting! See how they wallow in their foolish podcasts and their foolish so-called “Disaster Porn!” What foolish fools they are! Truly, they make my humor nodules harmonize most emphatically! How little they realize their peril as we prepare our Sinestron warriors in their Devestatrix ships to rain destruction down upon this miserable planet so that we may plunder their precious clam beds! Oh, how my humor nodules . . . wait! How did a human get aboard our EssEffEx mothership, through our Plot-holium hull?! Curse our need for human-sized door-portals! No! Human! Get away from that easily-recognizable Destroy-All-Antagonists button! It’s made of pure Narrativeconvencium! Noooooooooo!
Yes, this week we’re checking out what may be Roland “That Blowed Up Real Good!” Emmerich’s greatest creation (take that for what it’s worth) “Independence Day” or “ID4” as the kids say.  It’s got all you need: stereotypical old Jewish men, Randy Quaid playing himself, creepy not-really-Gigeresque-aliens, strippers, wise-cracking fighter pilots, very recognizable landmarks going BOOM, and Jeff Goldblum just Jeff Goldbluming the whole place up. Join us for the end of the world as we know it, because Mike and I both feel fine.

Poll question: Who is your favorite cinematic action hero character, male or female?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 227 – Independence Day (1996)”

  1. Michelle Yeoh in anything but Ellen Ripley in the first two Aliens films really resonated with me. I sort of have thing for Zorro, though.

    Series suggestion: Giant monsters. there is more variety in that genre than it gets credit for and quality certainly varies. A few suggested films: King Kong (1933),the Host, beast from 20 000 fathoms, Godzilla (original Japanese version), Pacific Rim, Monsters (2010), Cloverfield, Jurassic park, Gamera, Mighty Joe Young (Original and newer Disney version), Daimajin, Them!, 20 million miles to earth, Q

    1. Michele Yeoh pretty much wins everything, as far as I’m concerned. Ripley…you’re the first and currently only person to suggest her, and that surprises me. Good choices all around! As for Zorro, Guy Williams thanks you! And so do we.

      Giant monsters…hmm…good suggestion! We’ll have to think on that one. Always happy to have new ideas for series. Very much appreciated, Vince!

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