No episode this week.

Hello, dear listeners. Due to technical issues beyond our control (and having NOTHING to do with the slowing of the rotation of the Earth’s core), this week’s episode is postponed until next week. Sorry for the inconvenience but we’ll be back next week with more Disaster Porn.

4 thoughts on “No episode this week.”

  1. Now THIS is a real disaster! Who jinxed this series?? Speaking of series and ideas thereof, I nominate “Max, Mike, Muppets,” which would be the best and worst of Muppet and Muppet-alike movies.

    1. It is/was a disaster indeed! We have yet to see if it can be fixed. And by we, I mean me. Muppets, huh? Bit of cloth, bit of yarn and you got yourself a movie. Huh. I like it! I’ll con-fab with the other boss. Thanks and sorry, Ned!

  2. You cant fool us, you were planning to broadcast from a Chinese balloon! I second Max! Mike! Muppets! (might make a good series! )

    1. Planning? Planning? Nothing doing! We did it! We were in mid-broadcast and there was this sudden *ping* and everything went dead. Might have been my hip. Don’t know. As for Muppets, well, we’ll see. Might be a good idea at that. Thanks, Vince and sorry again!

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