Episode 212 – Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Hi. Sorry, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you, keep driving, eyes on the road! Don’t turn around; you don’t want to let Them know we’re in the back seat. Look, Mike and I have taken a real risk breaking into your car to let you know the truth about who’s really running things. People have to be told! … smell? What smell? Oh, we’ve been hiding in a dumpster for the last three weeks until the bio-tracking sensors in our nasal passages finally break down and dissolve . . . look, that’s not important! You have to warn people! Haven’t you ever found the concept of a shampoo AND conditioner in one just a little suspect? Well, you have NO IDEA! The NSA has been working on this, along with the CIA, the NSC, and the J-E-double-L-O! Wait, don’t pull over! Why are you screaming at that policeman? Don’t you know they’re all in on it?! We’ve been betrayed! Mike, grab the freeze-dried weasel spleens and the sixteen-millimeter projector! I’ve got our collection of empty Happy Meals boxes and the staple gun! Run! Run and don’t look back! But in the meantime, our listeners need to check out this latest episode of our “Conspiracy!” series, with a movie that has the very appropriate title “Conspiracy Theory” . . . almost TOO appropriate . . . oh no . . . have they gotten to Julia Roberts?! Mel Gibson . . . well, no real surprise there! Anyway, give a listen and Mike, keep running! Mayor McCheese’s death must not be in vain!

Poll question: what historical figure do you think has been the most badly portrayed in the movies, in general? Pocahontas? Steven Hawking? Genghis Kahn? What famous person from history makes you go “Oh, man, will they EVER get them right in a movie?”

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2 thoughts on “Episode 212 – Conspiracy Theory (1997)”

  1. Pocahontas really gets to me, especially the Disney movie. I was mortified when I saw it. Most depictions of native American is pretty horrendous throughout the years! I could say Vlad Țepeș, I guess. They always use him when they want to add “historical fact” to Dracula – but as it turns out, he wasn’t the inspiration for Dracula. Stoker used his “dracut” title because he thought it sounded right but knew nothing about him and based the characters on several other sources. His life was pretty interesting but he wasn’t ever suspected of being a vampire!

    1. Both are good answers, Vince, which is no surprise. You always have good ones! Disney’s “Pocahontas” is especially troublesome because of her real age and consent in comparison to that depicted in the movie. Have a stack of BumpyBux! Someday, they’ll be something!

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