Episode 213 – JFK (1991)

Welcome back to another in our “Conspiracy!” series, and this week, our movie takes on the Big One, one of the major conspiracy theories of the last hundred years . . . of course, I’m talking about Kennedy. That’s right, this movie offers its take on what really happened with the popular MTV VJ from the 1990’s. What caused her shift to a more conservative political stance, and why has it been covered up, relegating her to obscure . . . what? What do you mean, “wrong Kennedy”? What other Kennedy could possibly rate a three-hour Oliver Stone movie? . . . oh . . . yeah . . . right . . . Ok, I SUPPOSE that makes a bit more sense, what with the whole assassination and all . . . Still! Why has no one told her story? What are you hiding, MTV? Besides all your music videos? The truth will . . . . right, right, sorry, Oliver Stone, Kevin Costner, lots of other people.  I suppose there have been one or two people over the last sixty years that might have some vague opinion about the assassination of the 35th President of the United States. Can’t see it being terribly controversial, but pull up a comfy grassy knoll and give us a listen to find out!

Poll question: is there a movie you think is really good except for that ONE important miscast role?

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4 thoughts on “Episode 213 – JFK (1991)”

  1. Keanu Reeves was so miscast in Bram stoker’s Dracula he just ruins the little bit of fun I could take from that film. In a similar vampire vein, the film version of interview with the vampire… brad Pitt is just awful, the whole movie is miscast except for Kirstin dunst, but Pitt is usually better and seemed a good fit when he was cast. (The TV series so for is awesome BTW. )

    1. Amazed that you didn’t mention Tom Cruise in Interview. I thought Pitt was bearable but Cruise pretending to be gay and not be gay was just kind of hilariously weird. Keanu Reeves is often the wrong choice as well, though I hear he is a very nice man. Thanks, Vince!

      1. I think cruise was horribly miscast but he made a huge effort to be the gay lead… without the gay part which was just a mess as he tried to make up for that with an over top evil performance. So C for effort for Cruise while most everyone else like Pitt and Antonio Banderos just slept walked through it. I loved the book, it was such a missed opportunity.

        1. I can’t tell if he made a huge effort, was trying to get just one moment of actually feeling ‘gay’ (if he is, which I doubt) or what. He felt awkward. I guess, for him, he was trying. And Pitt felt like he was chewing over his accent for the entire film. I don’t fault Banderas; his character was unrecognizeable from the book and I think he did ok with what he had. Thanks, as always, Vince!

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