Episode 211 – The Conversation (1974)

Welcome to another episode of “You and Your Compost Heap,” the podcast that discusses all things related to home composting! We’re continuing our 45-part series “Citrus Peels: The Devil’s Addition” and hoo-boy, this one’s a real hum-dinger . . . Ok, that should do it; anyone listening in should be asleep by now, but it won’t last so listen up quick! No, you haven’t hit the wrong link and yes, we’re still working on our “Conspiracy!” series. This week we’re discussing an rather obscure Francis Ford Coppola film starring Gene Hackman: “The Conversation.” Hackman turns in a performance that is remarkably against type. A number of other familiar faces show up, including Robert Duvall, Cindy Williams, John Cazale, and some nobody named Harriman Snord? Hasselman Chorde? I forget, not important, because the big news is there’s appearance by 70’s sensation Robert Shields! Can you believe it? Robert Shields . . .  of Shields and Yarnell? Legendary San Francisco mime? Good lord, are you people BARBARIANS?! Anyway, give a listen and hear more about Robert Shields and probably some other stuff too.

Poll question: what movie conspiracy, real or fake, just drives you up the wall?

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3 thoughts on “Episode 211 – The Conversation (1974)”

  1. I think I was late leaving my comment last week! So I’m extra early this week!
    I am sure I mentioned this somewhere before but one conspiracy thing that bugs me is any film that has Nazis with super weapons or hidden bases or anything that supports the “ubermensch” image many have of them. This idea that the Germans had flying saucers or advanced tech , to me, downplays the evil they did and plays into the idea that they actually were better and smarter than the everyone else. It’s not true and I think it’s better to use an invented villain conspiring in the shadows over a very real one.

    Putting my soapbox back into my soapbox cabinet where I keep all my soapboxes. And a pair of boots.

    1. A whole closet for soap boxes? Amazing! We recorded early last week which is why we didn’t get to add your reply to the show. Sorry about that, but thanks as always for listening and answering! You, too will receive a charter membership in the BumpyClub Hut of Values™! Thanks, Vince!

      1. the BumpyClub Hut of Values™ is where good soap boxes live! (Or go to die, I forget which.)

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