Episode 210 – Capricorn One (1978)

Welcome back to our series “Movies That Finally Tell You The Truth About All That Stuff You Can’t Prove Is True But Really, Really Think SHOULD Be True” . . . or, more briefly, “Conspiracy!” This entry is “Capricorn One”, a movie about NASA faking a landing on Mars that has the unfortunate distinction of feeding the yes-people-still-actually-believe-this-drivel theory about how the 1969 moon landing was faked. Why would it have been faked? Obviously Big Cheese was behind it; they didn’t want Earth markets flooded with all that imported green cheese. It’s so obvious!!! And speaking of cheese, this movie has quite the cast with six Oscar nominees, including Hal Holbrook and Elliott Gould. It also stars, um, someone else, some athlete . . . I think he was a football player and maybe he got famous for something other than football but OH LOOK OVER THERE! A CONSPIRACY! So join us, give a listen, and see if this particular conspiracy theory is convincing. Or maybe you’re just in the pocket of Big Cheese . . .  which sounds rather messy, to be honest.

[An apology: I had some audio problems this week, so Max’s part of the recording may sound a bit odd. Hmm . . . just happened to have problems the week we’re doing this movie . . . something to hide, NASA?!]

Poll question: what star of the silver screen, living or dead, would you most want to sit down with, over lunch or drinks, and talk with and what is the question you would most like to ask them?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 210 – Capricorn One (1978)”

  1. I saw Capricorn One in theatres, mostly becuase I was a fan of gerry Goldsmith and i even had the soundtrack! Sadly it was dull and the music was the best thing about it.

    I don’t really feel a need to meet or talk to actors, or even directors I follow because its the work I admire and don’t feel like it’s my business to know about them personally. That said, John Hurt was such a good actor in everything and had such a long varied career I feel like he must have been a great person to talk to. I always wanted to ask him about playing Quentin Crips, whom I met a couple times, because his portrayal was so much like Quentin it was uncanny and also he was in a film called “The Shout” with Tim Curry there is not much info about and I thought it was fascinating. Hurt was like 20 when he made it!

    1. Sorry I missed this one, Vince! I know you’re a big Crisp fan so your choice of Hurt seems to make a lot of sense. Thanks for the answer! Sorry we recorded earlier and missed it. You’re still in the club!

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