Episode 209 – Enemy of the State (1998)

On the surface, it would seem that we’re starting a new series. Maybe, to the untrained eye, this new series is called “Conspiracy!” and focuses on movies that involve so-called conspiracy theories, nefarious plots spun out by the so-called government . . . or maybe that’s just what They WANT you to think! Wake up, sheeple! These movies may be labeled as fiction but they reveal the truth that the lizard people/Aliens/Illuminati/Rosicrucians/Lilliputians don’t want you to know! It’s true! I saw it on a blog!

We’re kicking off this new series with “Enemy of the State”, an eerily prescient movie about the Surveillance State made in the halcyon pre-Patriot Act days of the late 90’s. Starring Will Smith, this movie really slaps you in the face about the disturbing reality . . . oooooohhh . . .  too soon? Give a listen and see if this movie is just paranoid . . .  or just not paranoid enough! And make sure you weren’t followed.

Poll question: What do you think is the most tense, edge-of-your-seat, forget-about-popcorn-or-using-the-restroom scene of any movie? The kind of scene that makes your heart race and your hands dig into the armrests of your chair?

Extra-special link: wondered what we were talking about when we mentioned the “Vestron” video opening? Check it out here:  Vestron (you might want to turn down your volume)

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3 thoughts on “Episode 209 – Enemy of the State (1998)”

  1. One scene that always gets me, even after literally 100s of viewings is the Death Star coming into the range of the rebel base as fighters try to destroy it. I always think this time the base might get destroyed. It’s a credit to the music and editing. If that scene is on tv and I catch it I just stop everything and watch it again. Another is opening long take in the gravity, it freaks me out every time and I can’t take my eyes off the screen.

    1. Star Wars was a good one. Haven’t seen “Gravity.” I wonder if that works as well at home as the theater. Thanks for the great comments, Vince! Thanks for listening!

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