Episode 39: Mallrats (1995)

Kevin Smith is a celebrated director.  “Clerks” is often credited with jumpstarting the indie film movement.  “Chasing Amy” is a Golden Globe nominee.  “Dogma” is one of my favorite movies.  But . . . this one.  “Mallrats” is, shall we say, not one of his best.  This one, however, is my pick, partly because it is supposed to take place in the Mall of America, that monument to shopping that opened while I was living in Minnesota.  The movie is dopey, the plot and dialogue are juvenile, but it’s still quite a bit of fun.  The movie introduced us to Ben Affleck, tried to given Shannon Doherty a film career (ok, bit of a misfire there), AND it included a speaking performance by the great Stan Lee that’s more than one line! Also, this is the movie that is referenced by the Stan Lee cameo in the recent MCU film “Captain Marvel.” So . . . that’s gotta mean something, right? Right? Um . . . so anyway, join us and maybe you too will be able to see the sailboat.

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