Episode 38: Hudson Hawk (1991)

Here it is folks: if you look in the encyclopedia under “guilty pleasure,” all you’ll see is a picture of Bruce Willis and the words “Hudson Hawk.”  It’s true.  Don’t bother actually checking an encyclopedia (right, like anyone has one of those lying around anymore) and most importantly don’t ask anyone who owns an encyclopedia to actually check because they are lying to you. Yes, this week we’re talking about the movie that dares to ask the question “ . . . wait, what just happened?” A remarkable cast, some great locations, David Caruso in a blissfully silent part, and a script that is so dang bazonkas it’s hilarious.  Yes, this is a terribly made movie but . . . darn it, the thing is just so much fun.  Forget about suspending your disbelief, lock your disbelief in the basement, nail the door closed and come and listen to us.  C’mon; you could be swingin’ on a star!

2 thoughts on “Episode 38: Hudson Hawk (1991)”

  1. Mike –

    I don’t think you ever actually called me “wench,” brother dear. As I recall, you botched up the “Fetch me a flagon of ale, wench” line and turned it into “Fetch me a flag and a veil, winch.” (hee hee)

    -your sister

    1. Ahh yes, that old chestnut. Or whatever. Because dad said lots of things that we didn’t understand and we could then pronounce phonetically and think was funny. Remember the, “are you coming…” line I said at dinner once? Had no idea what it meant. Yah. :”D

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