Episode 36: The Ninth Gate (1999)

And we’re back, with another in our series of “Guilty Pleasures,” movies that we know we shouldn’t enjoy but dang it, we just can’t help ourselves.  This week is Mike’s choice and this one is less a guilty pleasure because of its quality but rather because of . . . well, who’s involved in it.  “The Ninth Gate” is an intriguing possibly-paranormal thriller involving rare books, ancient codes, and a Satanic cult.  Where’s the guilt? Well, it stars Johnny Depp, who as we’ve seen in recent years is not one of humanity’s best and its directed by the brilliant director, if absolutely lousy human being, {shudder} Roman Polanski.  In this episode, we hearken back to the beginning and our difficulties with movies that are created in part by some wretched example of our species and whether we should even watch such things. Is this movie worth the discomfort it provokes? Give a little listen.

6 thoughts on “Episode 36: The Ninth Gate (1999)”

  1. For what it’s worth, I liked National Treasure as well. Dumb but fun. I also liked Sahara. Just as dumb – but it IS Clive Cussler…

    1. Don’t know that I’ve ever “Cusslered.” So I’ll take your word for it. “National Treasure” almost made this list. I shouldn’t like it, not least of which because I don’t generally like Nicholas Cage. But there you go. :”D

  2. I sort of liked this movie when it came out, I thought the end was weak though. I constantly struggle with the “should I – shouldn’t I” watch stuff by terrible people. I did not buy Chicken Run because of Mel Gibson, for example, but I will watch in French if it’s on TV. As Mike well knows I never watch terrible films, only the highest quality for me! ..and Caroline Munroe means quality in my book!

    1. Oh yes, Vince, only quality! Like Stella Star…. Heh! That’s ok, I watch plenty of trash. Mel Gibson is a big problem, as is Johnny Depp and Kevin Spacey. It’s hard to choose. I think if it’s something we already own, well, the money’s been spent. I just won’t support their new projects. We each have to decide. Now, the next Sam J. Jones movie? Sure!

      1. Sam jones! I loved him in flash gordon which i still think is a great film. I saw him in that talking teddy bear movie and he looked a little weird. But i was glad to him!

        1. Flash Gordon is a lot more fun than it has a right to be. Or something. Didn’t see, “Ted,” and didn’t know he was in it. Well, what do you know?!

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