Episode 35: Strange Magic (2015)

Once again, we take a dive into the deepest darkest depths of darkness and depth . . . of midnight . . . of the soul.  Yes, that’s where I was going with this.  Welcome back to our series “Guilty Pleasures,” where each week one of us chooses a movie that we enjoy, even though there is absolutely no good reason that we do.  Really, no good reason at all.  Seriously.  We can offer no excuses.  These are movies that we get a kick out of even though it makes each of us a Mr. Wrongy Von Wrongerson of the House of Wrong.  This week’s particular bit of wrongosity is the 2015 animated musical feature by . . .  wait, that can’t be right.  George Lucas? Seriously? George Lucas woke up one morning and thought to himself “Y’know, I gave the world Jedis and robots and fish-headed aliens.  You know what the logical follow-up to that is? Yes! Animated fairies and goblins dancing and singing pop songs.  Everyone will love it, just like they loved Jar-Jar! I’m a super-smarty creative genius!”  The only thing dopier than the movie itself is the fact that I actually think it’s fun.  Clearly I need professional help. Give a listen and maybe you can suggest a nice anti-psychotic I could take.

3 thoughts on “Episode 35: Strange Magic (2015)”

  1. I feel obligated to tell you–black lotus costs 0, and tap/sacrifices for 3 mana of any one color. Nonrepeatable, but still horrendously broken. It’s the moxes that are essentially extra lands.

    On another, more appropos, note, you all make me watch some strange movies.

    1. That’s what I thought! The Black Lotus was like a one-shot, zero-cost mana charge. With enough of them, you could win every game if you went first, with a 7 card deck (1 Mountain, 3 Black Lotuses, Channel, and Fireball).

      I’ve only ever seen 1 Black Lotus, and I think it was Mike’s?

      On the other matter: yes we do!

      1. I did have one. It helped pay for my first color computer. :”D That being said, I’ve forgotten far more than I ever knew about Magic. It was a long time ago and my remaining cards languish… Thanks, Lad!

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