Episode 278 – Detour (1945)

Welcome to a brand-spanking-new series (a spanking! A spanking!), inspired by someone Mike and I both admire and enjoy: Patton! That’s right, when you put your hand in a pile of goo that five minutes ago was a movie’s guts . . . wait, hang on, wrong Patton . . . No, indeed, this series is inspired and shaped not by the legendary general and tank-commander but by legendary standup-comedian, actor, author, and inventor of those little plastic things that hold bread bags closed (well, he COULD have invented those! He’s just that good!), Patton Oswalt! Please, please hold your applause until the end. This series takes movies from Patton’s personal choices from the mythical Criterion Closet, that fabled collection of classic movies where angels fear to tread or eagles dare or Abbott and Costello meet the wolfman. One of those collections. And lest you fear that we are simply plagiarizing Mr. Oswalt’s list, let me assure you that I personally contacted Patton and he personally said “Of course, Max, use my list! We’re best friends now and you should hang out with me and Aimee Mann and Weird Al Yankovic in my secret solid gold orbiting pleasure satellite!” In my mind, that’s exactly what happened, rather than Mike’s silly assertion that I actually heard from some very nice people on Patton’s management team who managed to overlook my frothing at the mouth and my screams of “Patton! I would scorch the earth for you!!!” and said it was fine if we used his list for inspiration. And that’s just what we’re doing! We’re starting off with a lesser-known noir film from 1945, “Detour.” Give a listen and see what we (and Patton) thought of this one. Did it deserve a slot in our “Walk the Dark Street” series? And Patton, if you’re reading this (and in my mind, you are), please don’t worry. I wouldn’t ACTUALLY scorch the earth for you. But, if you wanted a small, uninhabited section of Billings, Montana slightly singed . . .

Poll question: what actor do you feel never got their due? Just didn’t get the big roles or the accolades?

4 thoughts on “Episode 278 – Detour (1945)”

  1. I just watched Detour a couple weeks ago!

    First, StarCrash did win an oscar… sort of… John Barry of James Bond fame wrote the music!
    It’s harder convince people of that than to convince them about the killer nazi cow problem. (Also a real thing!) That all said, John Hurt was legend but never a household name and really should have been. I have put a word in for Divine, who was really serious about her roles and was the sweetest, most gentile person in real life and who was just starting to get “real” roles to show her talent. Theresa Russel I just love, she was in a lot of Nicolas Reog films (they were married) and while having some commercial success got the credit i think she deserves for the challenging parts she took on.

    1. I always liked the fact that Ursula from “The Little Mermaid” was modeled on Divine. You think she would have liked being immortalized in a Disney classic?
      Theresa Russell…. Wow, there’s a name I don’t hear much. I remember being kinda mesmerized by her in “Black Widow” back in the 80’s. Thanks for the intriguing answers, o Polkas-With-Penguins!

      1. Divine (Glen, his real name) would have loved it! He would loved it more to have played that part himself!

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