Episode 277 – Barbie (2023)

Today, the laughter has died. Yes, we’ve come to the end of our “What’s So Funny?” series; we’re all sorry to see it end, as it means nothing will ever be funny again but we urge you all to stiffen that upper lip, square those shoulders, and do your best to carry on. We’re closing this out with another listener suggestion, the recent “Barbie” movie! This movie was immensely popular but as we’ve seen recently, not without controversy, and I think we all know what the issue is: where are the most significant iterations of Barbie?! Why were they left out of this tribute?! Where’s Kaiju Barbie, with Realistic Trample-able City? What happened to Soccer Hooligan Barbie (with Broken Beer Bottletm and life-like facial scars)? What about Shinsengumi Barbie with her Sparkle-Katana, attempting to bring law and order to Edo-period Japan? Ok, it’s possible I just imagined that last one. Ok, maybe I imagined all of them, but that’s not the point! My hallucinations should be canon and I know none of you will rest until this has been made right! Delusion Enabling Barbie told me so! Anyway, slip into something pink, grab a brewski-beer, and give a listen!

Poll question: what movie do you think SHOULD have won the Oscar for Best Picture but didn’t?

5 thoughts on “Episode 277 – Barbie (2023)”

  1. I don’t watch or pay attention to the Oscars, but they did give one to Starcrash the adventures of Stellar Star so maybe they aren’t all bad.

  2. Wait, what? Being nominated for a Saturn award isn’t an Oscar! Is this a joke? What am I, a clown? Do I amuse you in some way?!
    Next you’ll tell me Werner Herzog was nominated for an Oscar…… oh.

  3. He was only a nominee! It’s a travesty! I thought he might have won for grizzly man but NOOOOOO. well I am off to watch “Heart of Glass” where he hypnotized the entire cast except the main character… who he found in a mental institution. I need something light today. Ypu amuse me in so many ways… there should be an oscar for that!

    1. You’re too kind! I hope you’ll join my letter-writing and fish-throwing campaign to the Academy to create just such a category! We can also lobby for a Best Cinematic Use of Penguins category!

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