Episode 275 – Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Well now, homefellows. I must suggest that you “step off”, lest you find yourself labeled a “jive turkey.” I am not funning with you, my siblings. I would deeply appreciate it if you would each and every one of you pick up what we are “laying down,” as it were; Max and Mike are our names and discussing movies is indeed what you might in fact refer to as “our game.” As you can no doubt deduce, Mike and I are most assuredly “down” with “the street”. (What do you mean, “Sesame Street, maybe”?! Shut up, Bumpy! Nobody asked you! Don’t make me stick out my tongue at you!). This week’s entry in our series “What’s So Funny?”, we’re “taking a look at” an Eddie Murphy “movie” from “2019,” a “biopic” (sorry if I’m losing you with all the hip lingo) about a comedian named Rudy Ray Moore who created one of the most legendary (some might say infamous) Blackspoitation characters: Dolemite. Does the movie do justice to this cinematic pioneer? Does it have production values? Am I crying? Give a listen, or we might, I don’t know, muss up your cravats! Don’t make us do it!

Poll question: who is your favorite film director?

2 thoughts on “Episode 275 – Dolemite Is My Name (2019)”

  1. Is this a trap to make me say Werner Herzog again? I do seriously think he is one of the best and unique out there but there are so many i love for different reasons . Pedro almovadar is amazing and i try to see anything he releases and i have classic directors I watch over and over, like Orson Welles and silent greats like FW Murnau and Fritz Lang. I have a special place for directors like Kubrick who make a huge impression on cinema with a small but amazing number of movies. I guess when you love movies, its hard to puck in favourite!

    1. And you fell right into it! Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess the penguin is on the other hand now…. never mind!!
      It’s definitely hard to choose a favorite director but these are some superb choices. Thanks, Walrus Rider!

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