Episode 274 – Seven Psychopaths (2012)

YEE HAW! Howdy, pardners! I’m Big Max and that there is Big Mike and we’re “Big Max and Big Mike’s Big House O’ Psychopaths”! And we’ve got so much inventory this month that we’ve gone PLUM CRAZY! Come on down and see what we’ve got! We’ve got masked vigilantes tossing playing cards! We’ve got bald Vietnamese guys dressed as Catholic priests! We’ve got dog nappers! We’ve got gangsters! Heck, we’ve even got us Colin Farrell! Now who don’t want a Colin Farrell on their front lawn? And our prices can’t be beat! How many psychopaths do you think you get for $99.99? Two psychopaths? Hell, no, pardon my French! Four psychopaths? Partner, don’t make us laugh. Hold onto your propellor beanies because this week only you’ll get SEVEN, count ‘em, SEVEN psychopaths for $99.99! Great balls o’ fire! You better take advantage of these prices before our medication kicks in! Come on down this weekend to “Big Max and Big Mike’s Big House O’ Psychopaths” and as a special offer, one of our psychopaths will personally punch you in the head! And if you bring the kiddies . . . well, you’re a TERRIBLE PARENT and someone should call Social Services on your ass! YEE HAW!

Poll question: who is your favorite cinematic bad guy?

2 thoughts on “Episode 274 – Seven Psychopaths (2012)”

  1. I am very partial to Frank booth in Blue Velvet because no matter how many times i see the film, he is always terrifying but i also think the Hal 9000 computer is up there. Its cool, calm voice comes from a camera panel but its all over the ship and manages to kill almost everyone on the discovery spaceship “for good of the mission”. When it refuses to let Dave back in the ship or even discuss the matter he comes across as pure calculated evil. And you thought I would say Aguirre the wrath of hod again! Oops! i just did!

    1. Frank Booth, brrrrrrr….. he scared the hell out of me. HAL is a great example of a villain who very much doesn’t think of himself (itself) as a villain. And I admire your restraint in not bringing up any Herzog…. DANG IT, VINCE!!!

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