Episode 270 – The Blues Brothers (1980)

The movie’s one hundred fifty-one minutes long. We’ve got a full box of Bumpy Pux, half a quart of YooHoo, it’s broad daylight and we’re wearing rainbow-sequined lederhosen. Let’s roll.

Welcome to another in our series “What’s So Funny?” The movie that tries to answer that question this week is John Landis’ “The Blues Brothers,” which may have one of Max’s favorite soundtracks of any movie ever, not to mention some of the greatest musical cameos and guest stars (in a movie?) of all time. So strap in, slip on some Ray-Bans, don’t let any Penguins smack you with a ruler (our man Vince knows all about that!) and join us on our righteous quest. After all, we’re on a mission from Pod(cast)! Give a listen!

Poll question: what movie soundtrack made you go “I’ve got to listen to more of this person’s music or this genre of music”?

3 thoughts on “Episode 270 – The Blues Brothers (1980)”

  1. My introduction to sound track music came when I bought John Williams soundtrack to Jaws and followed with Star Wars, the fury and others but he also peaked my interest in other composers for film like Gerry Goldsmith. I was already into classical orchestral music so it might have been a natural progression. Well classical music and David Bowie.

    1. David Bowie is destined to be considered classical at some point, so that totally tracks. Nothing abut the soundtrack from “March of the Penguins”? I am very disappoint.

      1. Why listen to the soundtrack wen I hear their webbed feet marching all day long… all night long… haunting my dreams… for eternity….

        Not that i mind!

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