Episode 269 – Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016)

Heeeyyy! Wakka wakka wakka! We’re DONE being hard-boiled and detective-y, so now we’re going to lighten up with a new series we’re calling “What’s So Funny?” Howaya, howaya, howaya? Saying things three times is funny! Hey, Mike! Bring that tray of priceless crystal goblets over here but watch out for that banana peel . . . OH GOD, MIKE! No! Are you . . . no, no, don’t try to move! Oh god, there’s so much blood . . . let me try to get you on your feet . . . AAAHHH! The glass punched right through my shoe!! I’ve never known such pain! AHHHH! I fell on patch of broken glass stems! It’s like a thousand daggers! Mike, Mike, don’t close your eyes! Stay with me now! Oh no . . . why, god, whyyyyyyyyy?!

Yes, we’re obviously masters of comedy here at Max, Mike; Movies . . . not! Oh, my sides! But we do love us some comedy ha-ha type movies, so we’re going to watch a bunch of movies by actual comic thespians doing actually funny things . . . or trying to, in some cases. We’re going to mix it up with some new, some classics, and a bunch of suggestions from YOU, our witty and elegantly-manicured listeners. We’re starting off with a pretty recent flick from Andy Samberg and his fellow Lonely Island denizens: 2016’s “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping,” a recent take on the rocku-mockumentary genre. Join us for many giggles, chortles and guffaws . . . or prolonged “huuuuhhh?”’s! Enjoy!

Poll question: What is your favorite cinematic fake band? Include movies, TV shows, cartoons . . .

3 thoughts on “Episode 269 – Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016)”

  1. I like the band “ the carrie nations” in “beyond the valley of the dolls” campy and fun but i also have a special place in my heart for the alien opera singer in “ the fifth element “.. also campy and fun!

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