Episode 267 – The Thin Man (1934)

Great googly-moogly, we’re at the penultimate “Walk the Dark Street” episode and what do we have? A muurrrrrrrderrrr. Murder most foul! Missing persons! Terrible deaths! Conniving relatives! What can possibly solve this confounding conundrum? The one thing that always helps: booze! Yes, booze, and lots of it! Booze makes you charming and enhances your deductive faculties! Booze makes everyone in New York, from cops to crooks, like you and find you delightful! Booze makes your terrier obedient and lets you ignore bullet wounds! Booze! [Disclaimer: all prior effects of booze are only applicable if you are William Powell or Myrna Loy and only in the 1930’s and 40’s. All the many negative medical effects of booze apply in all other cases. Not available in all states (sorry, Tennessee!). Only apply booze if you only take taxis, have your own chauffer, or your own private railway car]. Yes, join us for the first in the very successful alcohol-soaked “Thin Man” movie series. Drink deep of the only one of these many films actually based on a Dashiell Hammet novel. Chug this very early example of film noir (or is it?)! Come and knock back a few with Max, Mike, and Bumpy the Wonder Terrier (I’m working on a trade-in).

Poll question: what is your favorite laugh-out-loud comedy?

3 thoughts on “Episode 267 – The Thin Man (1934)”

  1. I don’t usually laugh out loud at a movie, at least not after the first time I watch it. There are some movies that just stay funny though, Young Frankenstein and High Anxiety never get old and there are parts of original version of Bedazzled that just get me laughing every time i see them. They can’t all be Terry Gilliam’s laugh riot film Tideland. Ok I said that just to freak out Max after i held back in saying last week that klaus Kinski might be my fave foreign actor in case Max called the hospital for a mental health check on me.

  2. I wasn’t freaked out! Why would I be freaked out? It’s so funny you’d think I’d be freaked out because I WASN’T FREAKED OUT!!! *pant pant pant* Nothing wrong with Klaus Kinski, he’s a fine actor. Apropos of nothing, there are some very nice . . . penguin inspectors, yeah, that’s it, who might be stopping by to check the mental health of your . . . penguins. Just let them in. They might have a special new Penguin Inspector jacket for you to try on; I know the sleeves are a bit long, but it’s very comfy!
    I agree about “Bedazzled”; parts of it are hilarious but parts of it kind of drag. Never actually saw “Tideland” but I can’t say it looks terribly cheery.

    1. The Tideland dvd starts with the director addressing viewers and asking them not to turn it off and tries to explain why its not the most depressing film ever. I actually agree with him, its a very hard watch but i thought it was worth it and it does end well!

      Who’s that at the door? Penguins services? I will be right back….

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