Episode 266 – Le Samourai (1967)

Ah, oui . . . the way of le Samourai. Surely there is nothing more French than le code of le Bushido, non? For was it not Jean-Paul Sartre who said “Existence precedes and rules essence, and so I must cut my belly open.” How often have we thrilled to the exploits of that master of le dai-sho, Marcel Marceau, who slaughtered his enemies with his merciless blades while never speaking a word. Also while smoking. Of course, you silly Americans must think this strange, in your ignorance, assuming that le Samourai is a Japanese cultural creation. C’est l’absurd! Now, enjoy some fine sake from the rice paddies of Bordeau.

No, this week’s entry in “Walk the Dark Street” may not fit the traditional notion of a samurai film but, well, it sure as heck seems to fit the notion of film noir. I mean, it sure as le heck . . . ok, I can’t keep this going. Anyway, this film appears on many lists as an excellent example of film noir, even if film noir is pure ‘MURICA! . . . despite the fact that the term is French but never mind! Join your amis Maxamillion et Michel as we see if we agree with all of these folks who think this film is le bee’s knees. Alons-y!

Poll question: who is your favorite non-American actor?

7 thoughts on “Episode 266 – Le Samourai (1967)”

  1. Before answering the poll question i came across a discussion that argued that “videodrome” was a noir film. Still not sure it is but the arguments were compelling!

    For non- American actors i thought i might exclude actors known for making mostly American films to narrow it down. I really love Klaus Marie Braundauer, especially in WWII trilogy he made decades ago, Micheal Yeoh every knows has my attention and if raising one eyebrow and dying your hair like bride of Frankenstein makes one a great actress, you will certainly need to pick Caroline Munroe!

  2. “Videodrome” as noir….. huh. I’ve never actually seen the movie but from what I’ve heard that’s a unique perspective!
    Intriguing answers, Pal-of-Penguins but …. Caroline Munro? You just HAD to bring “Starcrash” into it, didn’t you…….

    1. I think about Caroline Munroe more than is healthy. Well off to see if the walrus finally found the Adam Any video with Caroline in it… its his favourite.

      1. Hey Vince, have to ask; how was the French at the beginning of this week’s episode? I was thinking that you were likely the only person to hear it and understand what was being said. Just wondering!

        1. Do you really want to know? It was understandable which was a surprise since I figured you were doing a bit and it would go farther into parody. I will confess Quebec French is really different in a lot of ways and people with French from France accents often confuse me. I listened to a thing today about the thing Quebec’s say the most WRONG!!!!! Of course it’s a perfectly normal thing here and the video actually addressed that point. If I were to do French opening for the show I bet a ton Parisians (your largest demographic I’m sure) would hire Alian Delon to kill me!

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