Episode 26: Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Know, o princes and princesses, that in the time before Atlantis knew extreme humidity, two men strode the internet in search of movies that represented the spirit of the game Dungeons and Dragons.  Know too that in their quest, they encountered a mighty warrior whose accent was thicker than his muscles and who would one day wear the crown of California on a troubled brow.
Yes, this week we’re talking about the breakout film of the Governator, “Conan the Barbarian.” Give a listen and see if we consider Conan a true murder hobo.

5 thoughts on “Episode 26: Conan the Barbarian (1982)”

  1. OMG you guys – this series is hilarious! I’m listening to the episodes more than once because they’re so delightfully, gleefully funny. Well done! Can’t wait for Willow next week. And I’m hoping there might be a Beastmaster or at least a Krull in the near future…

    1. Thanks kindly, Val! Glad you’re liking it so far. We don’t bash every movie as mercilessly as we did “Eragon,” which deserved it. As for either “Beastmaster,” or “Krull,” well, only time will tell!

    2. You’re so nice, Val; really glad you’re enjoying this series. It was a bit of a “well, WE think it’s fun but will anyone else?” thing but I think it came out pretty well.

  2. This movie is so much better than it’s reputation. there is a 6 hour episode of “the projection booth” podcast I tought would be torture but it was super nteresting all the way through. Mike I swear we saw Hercules in New York with Anna Gato at Harvard Square Cinema at some point! I am reading a collection of Kwaidan stories at the moment so I was shocked ot here that mentioned!

    I never thought of this film being related to D&D in any way but I guess it does have plenty of elelemnts a campaign would also have and the characters would also feel right in many games.

    1. SIX hours? Dear gods… that is…a MARATHON of a podcast. I think Max and I would resort to Van Damme style Bloodsport moves long before we hit six hours. I know I didn’t see “Hercules in New York” ever, but you probably did! The square used to be a haven for that kind of… cinema. Thanks for listening, Vincce! And commenting as well!

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