Episode 257 – Deep Impact (1998)

As we close out our “…But An Incredible Simulation” series, we’re taking a deep look, thinking deep thoughts, and having a deep discussion about . . . well, it’s right there in the episode title, so you don’t really need me to say it. “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon” have an odd history; most people see “Deep Impact” as a rip-off of the Michael Bay film, despite the fact that “Deep Impact” came out months before “Armageddon” and had been in production for quite some time. “Deep Impact” certainly has the edge over “Boom Boom ‘Splodey-Splodey Space Rock Movie” (see previous entry) in terms of scientific plausibility (in other words: “Deep Impact” actually has some) but is it as good a movie? Is it, in fact, a better movie? It certainly has an all-star cast and big budget effects, just like “Boom Boom etc.” Which of these two is more entertaining to watch? Give a listen as we try to answer this decades-old burning question that I’m sure someone besides us must still be asking.

Poll question: who is your favorite fictional on-screen president NOT including Morgan Freeman or Martin Sheen?

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