Episode 239 – National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)

All right, Whiteman von Richington, let’s see the report on the most troublesome fraternity here at Max, Mike; University. Oh my . . . filling the school’s swimming pools with Bumpy Pucks . . . starting a ludicrous podcast series called . . . am I reading this right? “Quotes, Unquotes, and Quotes” . . . sounds communist to me, and I should know: I’m a crusty old Dean! . . . doing in-depth analyses of mindless 1970’s comedy films . . . I’ve seen enough! That’s it! Bumpy House is now on quadruple MK-Ultra mega-codeword probation! I won’t rest until I’ve revoked their charter and had all their members rendered down into glue! I tell you . . . wait, what’s this? A picture of Bumpy? With my WIFE??! What . . . how . . . BUMPY HOOOUUUUSSSE!!!!

Join us as we see how well this 1970’s product of the comedy juggernaut that was National Lampoon holds up 45 years later. Yes, it was John Belushi’s breakout role, made a ton of money, and made Donald Sutherland’s accountant cry himself to sleep at night (find out why) but how problematic is the humor here? And, more importantly for this series, how quotable is it? Grab ten thousand marbles and give a listen!

Poll question: Who is the actor, male or female, that you thought we lost way too soon?

2 thoughts on “Episode 239 – National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)”

  1. I am going to go with Brad Davis who was in Roots, Midnight express and Querelle. He was really captivating on screen to me and I am sure he is almost forgotten at this point. Sadly there are so many to choose from, the list could be pages on and cover actors back to the silent age like Rudolph Valentino and go to Heath Ledger and beyond.

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