Episode 238 – Airplane! (1980)

Well, our “Quotes, Unquotes, and Quotes” series is drawing to a close with this, our penultimate episode and wow, we’ve kinda picked a “Whoops-All-Crunchberries” example of a quotable movie, as so dang much of this Abrahams, Zucker and Zucker production is, and has been, quotable. People who’ve never seen the movie quote it! So, we’re discussing it in our podcast. A podcast? What is it? It’s two silly ninnies sitting around talking about movies, but that’s not important right now. Hmmm. Maybe this flick hasn’t aged as well as we thought. Well, once we get clearance from Clarence and make our donation to the Church of Religious Consciousness (donation = boot to the head), we can get underway. How ‘bout some more coffee, Johnny? But, honestly, how well has this movie actually held up? It’s over forty years old; how have the jokes aged? Any awkward moments? Are people still trying to call me Shirley? And who really is pinch-hitting for Pedro Borbon? Give a listen and find out!

Poll question: what is your favorite cinematic “dream team”? What team of actors/writers/directors/whatever, any combination thereof, do you love to see?

4 thoughts on “Episode 238 – Airplane! (1980)”

  1. I love me the team of Werner Herzog and klaus kinski. Destructive and contentious as it was they made some amazing and intense films over the years. Aguirre the wrath of God, nosteferatu, cobra verde and others have held up no matter how many times I have seen them.

  2. The best, this pare, “Your putting Who with whom”. What did you smoke this morning, John Travolta
    & Samuel L. Jackson, Pulp Fiction. Except it worked!!

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