Episode 220 – The Lighthouse (2019)

More “Monochrome”-y goodness this week . . . well, when I say “goodness,” that may give you the wrong idea. Not in terms of quality but in terms of general tone and atmosphere.  We’re checking out a not-widely-seen film called “The Lighthouse” and apparently no one told the director that you could do movies in color or in widescreen (sshhh . . . don’t tell him, he’ll only get upset). Or maybe the director just couldn’t afford color; the budget must have been tiny, as he could really only get two actors for speaking parts! So, good for you, Mr. Director, for making the best with what you had! Seriously, it’s pretty interesting to see what a modern director does with the black-and-white medium. But does it work? Can a modern monochromatic film hold our interest? Mike needs lots of bright colors to keep his attention and I need lots of seagulls to keep me interested in a movie. Fortunately, one of us gets what we need in this movie. Give a listen and find out which one!

Poll question: what children’s movie should under no circumstances be shown to children you actually like?

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3 thoughts on “Episode 220 – The Lighthouse (2019)”

  1. I have to say you guys are picking many of the same movies I would. I could swear I told Mike about this movie after I saw it!

    Some might say Willy Wonka shouldn’t be shown to kids you like because he does sort of candy murder a bunch of kids that he invited to his factory in the first place but used to read Edward Gorey’s “ the beastly baby” to a 5 year old at bedtime so I am not the best to ask. There is a Quebec Christmas classic La guerre des tuques – The dog who stopped the war [1984] that I detest with the heat of a supernova. A bunch of kids have funny adventures building a snow fort and having a “war” filled with cliches and horrible music and sound effects which ends with them killing an innocent dog by crushing and suffocating it when they destroy the fort…. They bury the body in a barn and the credits roll showing us clips of all the fun we just saw! Happy holidays kids! Chalice! (That is a swear you might not want to say it!)

  2. I’m glad we’re picking movies you know! I never saw this movie. If you mentioned it, I’d forgotten because old and stupid. 😀

    Willy Wonka was made as a kind of parable or warning, I think and as such, I think it’s PERFECT for the little monst….I mean children. But that’s just me. This film you mention from Quebec, though, dear gods that sounds dark! No thanks! I don’t want to see it myself!

    As always, thanks for listening and commenting, Vince!

    1. Oh they made a 3D animation of that film a couple years, I refused to watch it since I might explode if it went the same as the live action…. And I think it did!

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