Episode 218 – Gaslight (1944)

Thanks for joining us here in the land of light and shadow, our series on black-and-white movies called “Monochrome.” I mean, the series is called “Monochrome,” the movies all have their own titles. I think. Maybe there’s a movie called “Monochrome” and I just forgot . . . it seems like I forget so many things these days. I should stay home, not be with other people . . . it could make the madness worse. Who said I was mad? Was it you? Was it me? Whose judgement can I trust? WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME? Why am I trying to gaslight myself?! Hey, ever wondered where the term “gaslighting somebody” came from? Well, tough, because you’re going to find out anyway! It originated with this week’s movie, George Cukor’s tense psychological thriller “Gaslight” with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer and (somewhat inexplicably) Joseph Cotton again, no doubt while he was awaiting his nomination for the Manchurian Candidate. So, join us and see which one of us is slowly going mad (spoiler: it’s totally Mike. Mike is completely insane. The tiny people who live in my dental floss container explained it all to me).

Poll question: what movie is your favorite just in terms of costume or wardrobe? What movie makes the wardrobe practically a character on its own?

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3 thoughts on “Episode 218 – Gaslight (1944)”

  1. Almost nobody notices the Canadian spelling differences because I am sure everyone knows they are the absolutely right way to write words. Our french seems to confuse people as well!

    The costumes in The road warrior really helped make the movie for me. Those outfits really were like another character and gave the world a look I don’t remember seeing before as most apocalyptic films were mostly barbarians against intellectuals or some version of that. The post apocalyptic punk look really worked.

    1. I totally agree. I think an entire industry was made because of those costumes. Certainly an entire style was! And that’s still a pretty well made film. It’s amazing what you can do with $50 Australian and a bunch of crazy people!

      As for Canadian spellings, you didn’t start that way!! And French is best left to the French. Just kidding. I really liked my visit to Montreal. Thanks, Vince!

      1. You are welcome back any time! There are some comic festivals and stuff I think you might find fun!

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