Episode 194: A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

You know, it’s been a hard podcast series, this “Ladies and Gentlemen… the Beatles!” and Mike and I have working like a pair of canids. We really should be sleeping like a couple of solid chunks of firewood but instead, we find that when we get home, well, we feel all right. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Wait, dang, wrong song. Regardless, this week’s penultimate series entry is the Beatles’ self-made mockumentary about a day in the life of this quartet of Liverpudlians (yes, that’s a real word; don’t dispute me) as the Four Moptops gad about, preparing for a Big Time Live Broadcast, with Paul’s trouble-magnet grandfather in tow. He may be a mixer, but he’s a very clean old man, as is remarked upon many times. Along with the boys tweaking the noses of the Establishment, are, oh, maybe one or two of their songs. Very few. Hardly noticeable, really. How does this first Beatles film outing hold up, almost sixty years later? Well, have yourself a cuppa, get your neb out of that book, and twilk a squeaky at our podcast [warning: that last bit of British slang may be entirely made-up by Max]

Poll question: what is your favorite movie quote? The one you find yourself thinking about or saying out loud the most?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 194: A Hard Day’s Night (1964)”

  1. Well I quite often yell “ you see! You see! Your stupid minds! Stupid! “ from plan 9. I picked up that habit from Mike Peck who used to own the Off the Wall Cinema in Central square Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s amazing how often it is appropriate.

    1. That is a good one, and I think the first time I saw “Plan 9” was indeed at the Off the Wall. I know I saw “Bride of the Monster” there. It’s a quote that is useful in SO many situations! Thanks, Vince!

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