Episode 193: The Rutles: All You Need is Cash (1978)

Well, we’ve been mucking about with some obscure band named after a mis-spelled bug in our series “Ladies and Gentlemen . . . the Beatles!” but now we’re getting to the real deal, a documentary that covers perhaps the greatest, most famous band in all the universe: the Rutles. Who can forget how merely the mention of those four names Dirk, Stig, Barry, and Nasty could set mobs of teenagers screaming incoherently until the riot police had to be called in.  Directed and starring that award-watching documentarian Eric Idle, this movie tells us of the unfathomable impact the Rutles had on the music world. And it is no way, shape, or form a parody mockumentary of the Beatles, documentaries in general, or anything else that could be milked for a cheap laugh.  Absolutely not. I’m surprised you’d even suggest such a thing. Go sit over there and think about what you’ve done. Go on, now. And while you’re thinking, give a listen and join Max and Mike: far from home and far from talented.

Seriously, it’s the trousers.

Poll question: what obscure or at least lesser-known comic book character absolutely NEEDS their own movie?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 193: The Rutles: All You Need is Cash (1978)”

  1. I have to say the last art of the show was a real surprise. I was almost thinking I needed to watch this again. I saw the short on Saturday night live and there was a VHS tape of it but i think I saw it on PBS the first time… and I don’t find it very funny. I know there was a sequel but heard it was more of a rehash with stuff added so I never looked into it.

    Mike knows exactly how I will answer the poll question. Neil the Horse. (No relation to Busy that I know of.) I am sort of amazed that American Flagg was never made into a movie by now though.

    1. Ahh, your love for Neil. I will never understand that. Without looking it up, that was Arn Saba, wasn’t it? That brief period when Aardvark/Vanaheim published other people’s work. Trust me; the “sequel” of “The Rutles” is better than the original. Don’t know why it is, but I laughed out loud a lot while watching it and not at all at the original. Max loves the original, and his opinion is just as valid. As for Flagg, I honestly think so many of the visuals and the way it was put together wouldn’t translate to a movie, but I love the answer. Thanks!

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