Episode 191: Across the Universe (2007)

Well, now I’m sorry I used up all the dopey Beatles song references in the entry for “Help!” because if any movie invites them, it’s “Across the Universe.” This Beatles jukebox movie is from director Julie Taymor, perhaps best known as the director of the Broadway version of “The Lion King”.  Filled with some . . . interesting visual choices and musical interpretation, this movie is at its heart a love story set in the exciting and disturbing location of late 1960’s Greenwich Village, where the counter-culture is in full swing. Jude (as in “hey”) and Lucy (as in “the sky with diamonds”) meet and fall in love, surrounded by what are presumed to be colorful characters like Max (as in silver hammer), Prudence (as in dear), Sadie (as in . . . you know what? Look up the damn songs). They meet strange and wild characters like Dr. Robert and Mr. Kite (get it? Get it?! GET IT??!!!!) and often break into apparently apropos Beatles songs when the occasion calls for it. Spoiler alert: whatever else this movie is, it is not subtle. Come listen and find out if it’s anything else!

Poll question: what is your favorite parody movie? Not just a comedy but a parody of a specific movie or type of movie?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 191: Across the Universe (2007)”

  1. I think young Frankenstein is one of the best as it funny but also seriously done, the music sets and cinematography are near perfect as is the cast. Same with Hight Anxiety but as dumb as it, maybe because of it….Top Secret cracks me up every time. I am not even sure genre it’s is parodying! WW2 movies, spy films, 50s musicals?

    1. We got a LOT of votes for “Young Frankenstein” over on our Facebook page. Seems Mel Brooks’ work is alive and well. Forgot about “Top Secret.” That’s an early Abrams, Zucker and Zucker film, isn’t it? “Airplane” and “Police Squad” were also some of their good work. Thanks for the comment and listening, Vince! You make our day!

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