Episode 190: Yesterday (2019)

Now we come to a rather disturbing entry in our “Ladies and Gentlemen . . . the Beatles!” series. “Yesterday” asks the question: what if nearly everyone on Earth forgot that Herman’s Hermits ever existed? It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s just a movie, please don’t panic. We really didn’t mean to trigger anyone . . . but what were we expecting? What sort of nightmarish hellscape would we be stuck with without the loving, beatific guidance of Herman’s Hermit’s? How would we know how lovely a daughter Mrs. Brown had? What cataclysmic effects on society would this have? Well, fortunately this sort of speculation can remain confined to nightmares, as this romantic comedy actually asks the question “What if suddenly you were the only person in the world who had ever heard of the Beatles?” Yes, what if no one else had ever heard the songs “Bungalow Bill,” “Mean Mr. Mustard” or “Her Majesty’s A Very Nice Girl”? Oh, and probably some others as well. Well, tune in and find out what this, the first indie movie to actually license Beatles’ songs, has to say about it.

Poll question: if you could strike one movie or franchise from the memories of everyone and be sure it’d never show up ever, which would it be?

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3 thoughts on “Episode 190: Yesterday (2019)”

  1. I had to think about this one a bit. There are plenty of movies and series I don’t like and even hate (like Twilight) but not sure they never should have existed. Then I remembered “I spit on your grave” which lowered horror standards and really has no redeeming value at any point in history. 5 minutes of “retribution” does not make up for 90 minutes of abuse and rape. I would have to say the same for the “Faces of Death” documentary(?) series… they are not documentaries and a lot of the clips are from movies or just plain fake. They also made the way for a new low in “entertainment” which continues to this day with people ghoulish looking for real death videos online. Fun as the Sunlife documentaries were, with their stories about aliens and the secret life of Jesus (shoot lasers from his eyes) they opened up a market for the conspiracy themed docs today like the anti-vax and 9-11 never happened abominations we see on youtube etc.

    1. Wow, those are some amazing answers, Vince! I certainly remember the “Faces of Death” series at my local video store (never Blockbuster) and never wanted to see any of them. Never saw “I Spit,” and now I won’t. Hadn’t heard of the Sunlife thingie either, though I do remember the Sun Classics like, “In Search of Historic Jesus,” and “In Search of Noah’s Arc,” which were just movie versions of clickbait. Thanks so much, Snowy! Much appreciated!

      1. Sun Classics! That’s the ticket! If they were promoted as farces and not real I would have more love for them. They sort of proved you could make money from straight out lying in documentaries.

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