Episode 126: When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Oh, Meg Ryan, you are truly the Meg-est of the Ryans! So adorable, with your tousled hair and your scrunched up little grin.  You’re just SO GREAT, aren’t you? You can just get away with anything, can’t you? Sure, when your character in this week’s “Isn’t It Romantic” fakes an orgasm in the middle of a deli, it’s “adorable” and an “iconic moment of comedy” but when I do the same thing in a supermarket, it’s “public indecency” and “an arrestable offense” and “don’t make me hit you with the taser again, weirdo.”  Sheer unfairness.  But that’s Meg Ryan all over . . . As you’ve no doubt surmised, we’re talking about “When Harry Met Sally,” one of the most well-known rom-coms of the late eighties, starring Miss Adorable over there and Billy Crystal.  Everyone knows the scene I mentioned earlier but how many of you have actually seen the entire movie recently? Does it hold up? It’s been a while.  Give a listen and please accept our personal guarantee that neither Mike nor I are faking our opinions in this discussion. 

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