Episode 125: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Do you want to be rich? Sure, we all do! But how about being crazy rich? And also Asian? Well, do we have a movie for you.  Do we? Of course we do.  Why else would you be here? This week’s entry in our “Isn’t It Romantic” series is our most current movie . . . although 2018 does feel like a long time ago.  But anyway! This week’s movie is one of the most successful romantic comedies of the last decade, adapted from the first in the successful book trilogy by Kevin Kwan.  Is the story original? Weeeellllll . . . but the cast is certainly distinctive and the locations are remarkable and the moral is uplifting: being rich is great.  For those of you who were wondering, it seems that having a crap-ton of money can be really nifty.  I’ll let you absorb this shock.  Once you have, give a listen to us: we’re not Asian, we’re not rich, but . . . well, one out of three ain’t bad! Hmm, actually it is pretty bad.  Well, please listen anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 125: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)”

  1. At first I thought this movie was about Henry Golding getting out of the shower in slow motion repeated over and over for 90 minutes… something must have been causing my player to skip….
    The by the numbers story let them introduce what was likely a new culture to many people in a familiar way easy to relate to. Michelle Yeoh can making blowing her nose captivating and the cast is amazing. I am not a romcom fan but this film really entertains and it was such a breath of fresh air to see some things I was aware of from Asian friends on the big screen without it being a parade of stereotypes… though there are a few they avoid it being offensive. I have friends who went to Singapore and visited all the locations – apparently many of them arrested public spaces. I might even see any sequels that happen!

    1. It wasn’t Henry Golding; it was the actor who played Michael, Pierre Png. I, too liked the introduction of culture, especially the food. And, as we both agree, Michelle Yeoh is great in anything. When this pandemic thing calms down, I bet people will want something light and fun to celebrate with. Perhaps the sequel will be just the thing. Thanks for listening and commenting, Vince!

  2. Thanks for the correction Mike! Obviously I wasn’t looking at his face. It’s weds evening and after today I might listen to this over again just to hear something that isn’t terrifying!

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