Episode 80: Yellow Submarine (1968)

As one chapter closes, another begins . . . welcome to our new series, “When We Wuz Kids,” wherein Michael and I recall and review movies that we were enjoyed in our respective youths. Naturally, with our current level of maturity, we will be maintaining quiet dignity and a mature respect for . . . Miiiike! Quit it! Hey, Mike’s waving his hand in my face! It doesn’t MATTER if you’re not touching me, or if it’s free air, you’re still being a jerk! Oh, you are so going to get it! No, YOU are! Oh, yeah? Well, so’s your ol’ man! Quit it! Oh, you gonna cry now, big baby? You gonna cry? Gimme back my juice box!
So yes, Mike and I are regressing to childhood (yes, thank you, keep the “how far can that be” jokes to yourselves), starting with one of my favorites when I was a wee lad: the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine.” Ok, yes, when I first saw it as a child, the Blue Meanies scared me so much I had to be taken out of the theater.  But I got over it.  Really. I did.  I’m not scared of AAAAAAHHHH! BLUE MEANIEEEEEES! *ahem* Yes, well . . . look, they’re really scary when you’re little! Shut up, Mike, they are too! Oh, you are so gonna get it at recess . . . Anyway, give a listen as we discuss the animated creation based around the Lads from Liverpool.  Enjoy, and remember: Blue Meanies never take “yes” for an answer!

3 thoughts on “Episode 80: Yellow Submarine (1968)”

  1. The Hienz Eidelman information was new to me so thank you for setting me straight on that!
    I never liked the Beatles all that much, though it seemed everyone else I knew LOVED them. I was more into Bowie and classical music. So I never loved this film but I didn’t hate it either. I saw it at Harvard Square theatre at least a couple times with other tings and didn’t mind sitting though it each time. It is kind of a mind f*ck, I’ll give it that!

  2. Yellow Submarine also caused me a bit of emotional trauma back in the day: it was the there-is-no-Santa moment when I learned that the dialog was by voice actors instead of the real Beatles.

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