Episode 70: In Bruges (2008)

Welcome back to another episode in our “Special Guest Star” series! This week we sit down with the intelligent, witty and annoyingly tall Ned Martenis (also known, in some circles, as my godson).  Ned has chosen one of his favorite movies, the often-underrated “In Bruges,” a dark comedy starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as two hitmen hiding out in Belgium, in the picturesque city of Bruges.  Even if the performances weren’t as good as they are, the movie is worth watching just to see how amazing Bruges looks.  Ned leads us through a discussion of the merits and flaws of this very affecting movie, while Mike and I make dopey jokes and point out how many actors from the Harry Potter movies show up in this film (there’s a bunch).  Give a listen: enjoy Ned, and tolerate us.

3 thoughts on “Episode 70: In Bruges (2008)”

  1. Please Mike do not use that accent next visit! This film sounds pretty good, but i had never heard of Bruges amd no I have to go!

    1. Ahh, but my French accent is tres magnifique! Belgium seems to be, in general, a place to go. My mom spoke highly of it as well, and the chocolate there is like nothing else I’ve had anywhere.

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