Episode 53: Almost Famous (2000)

Heeeeeyyy, dudes and dudettes! Welcome back to WMMM, that’s Radio Max, Mike; Movies, playing all the hits, all the time, all the way home! We’re here with Captain Nutbar, Squeegee, The Countersunk Screw and all the wacky crew . . . right, that’s enough of that.  Yes, our movie this week in our series “I Keep Meaning to Watch That” is Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical film about his days following a band for Rolling Stone, and yes, there’s a lot of cool music in it but that’s no excuse for us to act like wacky morning DJs.  Ever.  This week’s movie is Max’s choice; I kept hearing how good this movie is and how great the soundtrack is.  I guess what really sold me is the famous scene when they’re all on the bus singing that great tribute song to the star of “Who’s the Boss?” Hm? Oh, come on, you know.  The Elton John song.  “Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza.” Why are you rolling your eyes like that? Come and roll your ears at us instead.

2 thoughts on “Episode 53: Almost Famous (2000)”

  1. Great episode! I can’t speak about touring ’70s bands, but I do know about the heavy metal bands of Sunset Strip in the ’80s, and I can say that yes, that kind of debauchery really happened. I was always more of a Cameron Crowe-type (an observer) back then, but even I saw / was part of some interesting episodes. Nope, not going to elaborate here. Let’s just say some people are really full of themselves, some are surprisingly deep, and drug taking really happens. In restaurants. On tables.

    (And that Nick C. person was a terrible singer.)

    1. Well, now we have something extra to talk about when next we speak! I’m not surprised that things were/are more debauched then depicted here. Had to start somewhere, though!

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