Episode 46: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956, 1978)

Hello, fellow normal average earth humans.  This week, on this very normal human podcast made by humans for other humans to listen to, we are continuing with our very normal, in no way unusual, series which we have entitled “Then and Now” or “What This Again.”  Ha ha.  Our secondary title is quite whimsical in a way that all of our fellow earth-dwelling humans will find amusing.  This week, we will discuss two versions of the very nonsensical and utterly impossible story “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” So silly, these movies are.  They both suggest an invasion of the miserable delightful planet Earth by a clearly superior plant-based species that can almost perfectly duplicate human beings.  How entertainingly laughable.  You cannot tell because this is written text, typed by human fingers, but I, the normal human author, am shaking with laughter at this very moment at the idea of such an invasion.  So please, sit back on your human-made couches and listen to your human- in-every-way hosts discuss these absurdist fantastical movies that are in no way meant to be a warning of anything at all.  To ensure your comfort, please feel free to recline on the special green plant-motif couch cushions we have provided you.  Check behind your couch.  You will find them.  Sit back, rest, and let our podcast lull you into a peaceful, safe sleep that will in no way cause your neural patterns to be duplicated in a nearby pod. I mean couch cushion. 

2 thoughts on “Episode 46: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956, 1978)”

  1. This was one of our best episodes so far! I love both versions of this film and less the so versions you didn’t cover. I saw 70s version on release and really liked it despite the two older women in front of me commentling, surreal-ly, on the dental work all the actors must have had done.

    Looking forward to Godzilla, but I couldn’t stomach the Raymond Burr version after seeing the uncut original Japanese release.

    1. Ahh, well, I love me some Raymond Burr, so be prepared! Thanks for the kind words, Vince! Strangely, Max and I avoided the dental work controversy of this movie. Because it was a huge thing. Or so I heard from Marge who, you know, just can believe how all them Hollywood stars will cap everything under the sun and…..

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