Episode 33: Trailers!

Yes, trailers.  Such a part of the American driving, and cinematic, experience.  These mighty hauling vehicles have been featured in such films as “The Long, Long Trailer” and “Trailer Park Boys,” where they have . . . hm? What’s that? Oh, MOVIE trailers! That’s what we’re talking about! Of course . . . that makes more sense, doesn’t it.  Ahem.  So this week is a special between-series episode where we examine the released previews for half a dozen of this season’s most anticipated blockbusters.  We’ve got movies about rock stars, movies about superheroes (a bunch of those), and more! We’ll discuss the trailers, see if they’ve inspired us to see their respective films, and down the road we’ll have a show where we’ve actually seen all of the movies shown in these previews and we’ll talk about if the trailers delivered, over-promised, or flat-out misled us.  Enjoy us, won’t you?

3 thoughts on “Episode 33: Trailers!”

  1. So what DID you two think of the second Hellboy trailer? Personally, I feel like it’s a large improvement over the first in terms of making it look more fun/telling us a bit about each of the main characters, but there are definitely points where David Harbour looks a little blank underneath the leathery redness.

  2. Mike here. For what it’s worth, I thought it was a FAR better trailer, which was annoying because a lot of what we had to say is no longer relevant. Well, that’s what happens when Hollywood listens to US! Before we’ve even said anything! I think the new trailer makes the movie’s story a good deal more coherent. Still wish it was Ron in Red, but this could still be fun.

  3. Max here. As always, my colleague Mike is one hundred percent wrong. This was a MUCH better trailer than the first one. Hah, see? I’ve run rings around you logically.
    I do think visually it was a lot more interesting and gave us a better idea of some of the plot without giving too much away. I do have to say that David Harbour doesn’t seem as expressive under the makeup as Ron Perlman did but maybe that comes across better in other scenes.

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