Episode 271 – Eurotrip  (2004)

Guten jour, me old mates-comrades! Welcome to our wonderful country of Europe! Yag shamash! Here in Europe, we Europeans so much like to see Americans come here to enjoy our foodthings, purchase our geegaws, and desecrate our many famous monuments and landmarks! Do we mind? Nyet! As long as it is for funny Tik Tokking or Instafacing, we of Europe are oh so much good sports! Come to our capitol, Europe City! Enjoy our ancient confusing traditions, customs, and language that you have not bothered to learn anything about and feel free to have many sexings on all of ancient historical sites! Don’t bother learning European; everyone everywhere speaks American! Salud, merci, gesundheit! Hello Europe!

We’re continuing to ask “What’s So Funny?” with this week’s entry “Eurotrip.” Is it funny ha-ha? Funny strange? Funny uh-oh? Or funny not-so-funny? Give a listen and become edumacated!

Poll question: What is your LEAST favorite comedy movie? One you just found really unfunny, even if everyone around you was laughing?

5 thoughts on “Episode 271 – Eurotrip  (2004)”

  1. I dont know if its my least fave but i never found Caddyshack funny at all though I am definitely in the minority. Any Adam Sandler anything turns me off completely. I do like a lot of films no one else finds funny, but i am used to that!

    1. I don’t really like “Caddyshack,” either. Nor do I care for Adam Sandler. But I do like “Hudson Hawk,” so who am I to judge? Thanks, wrangler of penguins!

  2. Hey Max, Mike and Bumpy. I recently came across a movie i had never seen, a very well received film and thought a good poll question might be if there are any films you think might be good films but you dont think you could or would watch and for what reason. I have stopped a film ½ way and watched the rest later because i was so disturbed by what was happening but this film I don’t think I can watch at all even though it might be an important film.

    1. Ooo! That IS a good question! I’m glad I thought of it! Seriously, thanks, Vince! This could be a really intriguing topic . . . and it might even make a good series, although it might be tough for us to get through. Films We’ve Avoided…. hmmmm….

      1. I often try and see films I think will be challenging but now and then you find one you just can’t handle for whatever reasons and can still acknowledge it’s a good film, glad yu liked your idea.. my idea… what is happening????

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