Episode 263 – Sin City (2005)

“Hello, hi, is this thing on? Ok, I’d like to call to order this meeting of the Sin City Chamber of Commerce. Could I get some water, please? Um, ok, I’d like to start off by saying kudos to all you guys; we’ve had a great year for at least SOME sins. Wrath, well, we sure have that covered, and big, big thanks to you guys, Marv, Dwight, and Hartigan. Lust, wow, what can I say? That’s always been a biggie here, thank you Nancy and Gail! Another great year. Let’s hear it for them! Pride, well the Rourke brothers have that pretty well covered, but folks, let’s not ignore the sinful elephant in the room (seriously, could I get some water, please?). I mean Greed has been sort of implied but not really well represented, neither has Envy and don’t get me started on Gluttony or Sloth! I mean, come on people! When people think of Sin City, we want to think of ALL the Seven Deadly Sins, not just the ones on the billboards. Now, I’ve got a 430 slide presentation on how I think we can improve the presence of our under-represented sins, but first, could I get some water, please?”

Well, that went on a bit longer than expected but if you haven’t guessed, this week’s “Walk the Dark Street” deals with a noir-type film inspired by a Frank Miller graphic novel series from the 90’s. So how does this extremely faithful-to-the-source-material film stack up? Pull on your fine, fine coat, grab lotsa guns and a vintage car and give a listen!

Poll question: What’s your favorite film adaptation of a comic book? Doesn’t have to be a superhero comic book!

5 thoughts on “Episode 263 – Sin City (2005)”

  1. I have a few comic based films i really like. the Rocketeer i thought was a fun adaption and had a real strong art deco look that matched the comic. I seriously love the 80s Flash Gordon which is just full of fun and the Buster Crabbe serials might count as comic films as well. The 80s Addams Family is brilliant and still holds up, but i am sure sure Mike will get a headache and put his hand to his head , accidentally summon deadly pink flamingos and admit Sheena Queen if the Jungle is his favourite.

  2. Wait a sec, “The Addams Family” wasn’t based on a comic book! It was based on a comic STRIP which is …. completely different …. because…. huh… I mean, that’s where Flash and Buck came from …. dang! Stop making me consider things in different ways, Walrus-rider!
    So THAT explains Mike’s “Sheena 4 Eva” tattoo!

  3. Pacific Rim! It works a lot better when you think of it as a Marvel movie than when you line it up against other Guillermo del Toro movies. (For that matter, Hellboy is another guilty pleasure of mine.) Scott Pilgrim is a really fun movie, but doesn’t entirely do the comic justice, as Scott doesn’t have the time to do the whole emotional growth thing–but a great movie nonetheless. Akira! Ghost in the Shell (not the Scarlet Johanssen one)! Spiderverse! Many are great.

  4. Nothing guilty about the pleasures of the original “Hellboy”! Ron Perlman forever!
    I don’t think i knew “Pacific Rim” was ever a comic book! (and Ron’s in that, too!) Some of its style makes more sense now.
    Lots of great examples, thanks! And we await the further Adventures of Cheese Boy! Soon to be a major motion picture!

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