Episode 260 – Diva (1981)

“Hey, man, you know what they call Max, Mike; Movies in France?”

“No. What do they call it?”

“They call it Le Max, Mike; Cinéma.”

“That’s cool. What do they call ‘Walk the Dark Street’ in France’?”

“That’d be “Marcher Dans La Rue Sombre. “

“Cool. Cool. Is that because they use the metric system?”

“What? No! How does that make any sense? Well, you’ve ruined it now.”

As you may have surmised, this week’s potential example of film noir comes from the land of 400 cheeses, Peugeots, and dressing: France, what with it being French and all. So, it’s French, it’s in color, and did we mention it’s not in English? Is this film actually film noir or, is it, as the French would say . . . um, film noir? Huh . . . Give le listen and findez-vous out!

Poll question: what is your favorite foreign film?

2 thoughts on “Episode 260 – Diva (1981)”

  1. I am still getting over the “french” accents! I have to say I saw this movie twice in the cinema when it came out but never thought it was a film noir. I also want to say how much I loved the conversation about it, I had not though about the movie in years and really liked it when it came out but a bit less when I saw it on video release. Wilhelmina wiggins Fernandez was a fave of mine, her voice was amazing.

    My favourite foreign film ( I will mention Hollywood films are foreign films here but I won’t be a pedantic penguin wrangler) is Herzog’s Aquirre the Wrath of God. I refused to get a dvd player until it came out on DVD. I wanted it to be the first thing I saw on the player.

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